Arriving Passengers

All international passengers are required to have valid travel documents such as a VISA, completed Immigration Arrival Cards and Passenger’s Customs Declaration Form.

Arrival Cards and Passenger’s Customs Declaration Form will be issued by airlines on-board or can be obtainedat the airport upon arrival.

a. Immigration and VISA

    • Immigration
      Upon arrival at Yangon International Airport, passengers are to proceed to the immigration counters to clear immigration formalities. There will be designated counters for Myanmar citizens and Foreigners. All foreigners are required to complete their arrival card and have valid travel documents ready for inspection.
    • VISA
      All foreigners are required to have a valid visa to enter Myanmar, regardless of the purpose of visit or country of origin. Foreigners visiting Myanmar can apply for their VISA through the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Embassy located in their respective country. Travellers may be required to visit the embassy personally to obtain their VISA.14 days VISA exemption is given to ordinary passport holders of the following countries:

      a. Brunei Darussalam

      b. Cambodia

      c. Indonesia

      d. Laos

      e. Philippines

      f. Thailand

      g. Vietnam


    • e-VISA
      e-VISA is currently available for tourist and business visas only and is not applicable to every nationality.For more information and to apply, please proceed to


    • VISA on Arrival
      Subject to terms and conditions, business travellersand transiting passengers are able to get their VISA on arrival at Yangon International Airport.


  • Terms & Condition for VISA on Arrival.
    The applicant shall –

    • Apply for Visa on Arrival at the Airport Immigration Section by providing the Application form, which can be obtained either from the airlines in Myanmar, the information counter, or at the following website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population.
    • Have a valid passport not expiring for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Myanmar.
    • Bring two recent coloured passport sized photos taken within the past six months.
    • Have the letter of invitation from the sponsoring company in the event of the first trip of a business study.
    • Be required to produce copies of your company registration/business license/ evidence of permission to do business issued by the ministries concerned, together with the application if you are working in Myanmar.
    • Fully mention the name of the factory, location, the sponsor and the position you hold if you are doing business with a business visa.
    • Apply for extension of visa with the recommendation of the ministries concerned as well as in accordance with the existing procedures if you are doing business with a business visa.
    • Produce a letter of invitation by the ministries concerned if you are going to attend meetings, workshops, events and ceremonies.
    • Not be allowed to engage in any sort of work with or without charges apart from the professions mentioned in the visa application form.
    • Produce the air ticket for the destination indicated if you are applying for a transit visa.
    • Stay at the hotels, motels and guest houses holding legal licenses issued by the Myanmar Government, and factories and workshops legally permitted as well as human dwellings; exactly as mentioned in the address that you indicated.
    • Make a promise to strictly abide by the existing laws, rules, procedures, orders and directives issued by Myanmar Government.
    • Parents with accompanying children under the age of seven (in which their child’s passport is granted visa free of charge); be able to produce the evidence of parent-children relationship if the child is holding a separate passport.
    • Not be allowed to travel to the restricted areas without seeking prior permission.
    • Report to the office of the township Immigration and National Registration Department concerned of your place of lodging within Myanmar, mentioning the address of the hotels, motels, guest houses, factories or workshops legally permitted, as well as human dwellings.
    • Depart to the country in which you travelled from by the arrangement of the airline you are using if you are denied entry into Myanmar.
      Abide by the decision of the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team.

b. Customs and Quarantine

    • CustomChecks
      Passengers are required to go through custom screening after completing immigration formalities and collecting their checked baggage. Passengers with nothing to declare may pass through the green channel while passengers with goods to declare will have to pass through the Red Channel.


  • Custom Allowance
    The custom allowances are as follows:

      • 1. Duty Free Allowances
        Each passenger is only permitted to bring the following with them into Yangon:

        1. A variety of liquor not more than 2 litres
        2. Perfume not exceeding 150 ml
        3. Not more than 400 sticks of cigarettes
        4. Not more than 50 Cigar rolls
        5. Not more than 250g of pipe tobacco
        6. Any jewellery that was permitted to be exported by the Central Bank of Myanmar.
          All foreigners must declare any jewellery with customs upon arrival
        7. Reasonable amount of drugs prescribed by a doctor for personal use
        8. 1 set of a portable amateur camera and its relevant accessories, excluding professional use
        9. 1 Golf set of not more than fifteen (15) clubs
        10. 2 Tennis Racquets (or) Badminton Racquets
        11. 1 set of fishing equipment, including the fishing Rod with roller wheel, string, artificial bait and other accessories
        12. 1 Bicycle
        13. 1 Portable Audio Player for personal use
        14. 1 Portable Video camera, HD cam or DV cam and 1 spare (set) of dry cell parts for memorable recording
        15. 1 Portable computer and its accessories
        16. Electrical and electronic goods of value not more than US$ 500
        17. 6 Unrecorded CD Discs (Large)
          • 12 Unrecorded CD Discs (Small)
          • 6 Unrecorded Mini Discs
          • 6 Unrecorded Video tapes
          • 6 Unrecorded Video tapes
          • 6 Unrecorded Cassette Tapes
          • 6 Unrecorded Tapes for DV cam, HD cam
          • 2 Portable Data Storage Thumb Drives
        18. Other goods that are in accordance with the current law and regulations to be used for personal uses, which the customs officer considers to be of value not more than US$ 500
        19. The following items brought in by foreigners working for governmental organisations and foreign investment companies shall be exempted from customs duties and taxes for one year as temporary importation, if the passenger produces a written undertaking that those goods will be taken out with them at their departure within one year. Otherwise, customs duties and taxes shall be imposed on those items:
          • One VCR (or) DVD Player
          • One 32” TV
          • One Portable radio (or) Cassette (except Home theatre)
          • One Laptop computer (or) Notebook
          • Operational tools and equipment
        20. Personal belongings of a passenger can be regarded as a passenger allowance after his (or) her death abroad.


      • 2. Money
        There is no restriction on the amount of cash that you may carry. However, Nationals of Myanmar must declare all foreign currency regardless of amount, by filling up a Foreign Exchange Declaration (FED) Form.
        All foreigners must also declare amounts exceeding US$ 10,000 (or equivalent) on the FED form, which must be submitted to customs upon entering and departing Myanmar. Additionally, all foreign currency declared must be deposited at an authorized dealer bank within 3 months of arrival.


      • 3. Prohibited Items
        The following goods are prohibited from being brought into Myanmar, in terms with the Sea Customs Act, Article 18 and Article 19.

          • Counterfeit coins and currencies
          • Pornographic Articles
          • Pieces of goods without stamped measurements
          • Goods having counterfeit trade marks
          • All kinds of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
          • Playing Cards
          • Antiques
          • Wildlife, endangered species and/or its by products
          • Goods bearing the imprint or reproduction of the flag on the Union of Myanmar
          • Goods bearing the emblem of Buddha and pagodas of Myanmar


      • 4. Restricted Items
        • Firearms, weapons, ammunitions and explosives
        • Animals/ Birds
        • Medicines/ Drugs
        • Living plants, seeds, soil
        • Telecommunications equipment


  • Quarantine
      • a. Animals
        Pets may accompany a passenger provided that they have a health certificate and must be declared for inspection at the Airport Animal Quarantine Counter. For cats and dogs, the health certificate must confirm that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies at least one month prior to the arrival date.Animal products or animal feed must also be submitted for inspection to the Airport Quarantine Counter. Any product found to be not of standard quality or containing harmful pathogens or toxins will be confiscated and/or destroyed.


    • b. Plants
      It is prohibited to import host plants of pests and soil. Any plants or plant products (seeds, bulbs, cut flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables) require a Phytosanitary Certificate that must be declared at the Plant Quarantine Counter.To find out more, please visit the Myanmar Customs Department or IATA for more information on the customs requirements for Myanmar.

Departing Passengers

Check-In Guidelines

Passengers are advised to reach the airport at least 2.5hours prior to their flight departure. Check-in time varies among airlines and thus, it is advisable that passengers check with their respective airlines for more information. To minimize delays, passengers are advised to have their documents ready before proceeding to check in.

  1. Pack your baggage according to security guidelines.
  2. Upon arrival at the airport, proceed to security screening before checking in.
  3. Have your travel documents ready.
  4. Check your boarding pass and complete a departure card.
  5. Clear Immigration and enjoy our facilities and shops.



All departing passengers are expected to pass through security screening before entering the Departure Check-in Hall and Holding gates. Check-in baggage will be screened before passengers enter theDeparture Check-in Hall and hand carry baggage will be screened before passengers enter the holding gates, after immigration.

As safety is our upmost priority, passengers are advised to pack their luggage according to the security guidelines. Generally, prohibited items are:

      • Firearms of any kind, including replicas and toys
      • Explosives (e.g. Fireworks, Flares)
      • Gases (e.g. Compressed gas cylinders, Tear Gas, Pepper Sprays, Household Aerosols)
      • Flammable Materials (e.g. Petrol, Lighter Fuel, Paint, Thinner, Flammable Glue)
      • Poison (e.g. Weed Killers, Pesticides, Insecticides)
      • Corrosive Substances (e.g. Mercury, High Voltage Batteries)
      • Other Dangerous Goods.


Hand Carry Guidelines

Passengers are prohibited from carrying dangerous objects on-board the aircraft. Dangerous objects include knives, weapons, handcuffs, sporting equipment (such as baseball bats, golf clubs) and Liquid, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs).

For more information on LAGs regulations.

Liquid, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs)

There are regulations on the amount of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) that a passengercan carry in their hand-carry luggage.

The guidelines on LAGs in hand-carry luggage are:

      • All LAGs must be stored in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 mleach. Any LAG containers that are larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if the container is partially filled.
      • These containers must be placed in a transparent re-sealable plasticbag with a total capacity not exceeding 1-litre, which must be completely closed. We recommend passengers to use a bag of dimensions 20 cm by 20 cm in size.
      • Each passenger is permitted to carry only one transparent re-sealable plastic bag, which must be presented separately from other hand-carry luggage for inspection at the security screening point.
      • Exemptions may be made for medications, baby food and special dietary items subject to verification. These items may also require additional checks at the security screening point.

All LAGs in hand-carry luggage should be packed according to these guidelines. Any hand-carry LAGs that do not meet these guidelines will be disposed of during security screening. Thus, we highly advise for passengers to check them in instead.

Liquids, Aerosols and Gels include:

      • Drinks, including water and juices
      • Soups, sauces, syrups, jams, stews and pastes
      • Foods in sauces or containing a high liquid content such as canned food
      • Creams, balms, lotions and oils
      • Cosmetics such as mascara, lip gloss or lip balm
      • Perfumes and sprays
      • Pressurized containers, including shaving foam, hairspray and spray deodorants
      • Gels, including hair and shower gels
      • Pastes, including toothpaste
      • Contact lens solution
      • Liquid-solid mixtures
      • Any other items of similar consistency at room temperature

Special Assistance

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